Express Pass

Express Pass

CAW_lanesign(SCG_7611)lowSave Time.  Save Money.


What is EXPRESS PASS membership?
EXPRESS PASS members get unlimited car washes for a low monthly price.

How does EXPRESS PASS work?
An RFID sticker affixed to your windshield is automatically scanned allowing you to utilize the designated EXPRESS PASS lane.

Is EXPRESS PASS a month-to-month membership?
Yes.  EXPRESS PASS is a monthly membership.

How do I pay for my EXPRESS PASS membership?
EXPRESS PASS membership is billed monthly to your credit card.

Can I add a second vehicle to my EXPRESS PASS membership?
Yes.  You can add a second vehicle to your membership for only $20 per month.

How do I sign up for EXPRESS PASS?
Stop by Colorado Auto Wash and fill out an EXPRESS PASS membership agreement.

Membership options:

$20/month – Classic Clean $25/month – Mile High Shine $30/month – 14er

Stop in to sign up today!

Looking to cancel your membership?

Fill out the Contact Form on our contact page.  Please allow a minimum of FIVE DAYS prior to the next billing date to effect cancellation.